W.I.L.T (Registered Charity No.1041723)

The Charitable Trust was formed in 1993 with the following Objectives:-


          To promote the preservation for the benefit of the public

          steam locomotives or rolling stock of historic interest.


          To educate the public about steam locomotives or rolling stock

          of historic interest and the contributions made by them to the

          industrial life of this country.

1994 - HE686 re-enters traffic as 'Thomas'. Charity status granted in October.

1995 - 'Warwickshire' Boiler Fund opened (High Interest Building Society A/C.

            Visit to Pontypool & Blaenavon Railway (to see HE686 in Action).

            MW2047 Restored Cosmetically and moved to Hampton Loade in July.

1996 - Visit to Midland Railway Centre to see HE686 in action.                    B/F A/C £2,683

1997 - MW2047 Displayed at Kidderminster Railway Museum.

            Visit to Bressingham to see HE686 in action.                                       B/F A/C £9,228

1998 - 'Jazzer' Book published (History of HE686 & MW2047).

            Exhibition at Kidderminster Railway Museum (April to November).

            Dinning Car Charter on SVR in September.

            HE686 Centenary Celebrations held at ELR (24/25 October),

            MRT (7/8 November) and SVR 14/15 November.                                  B/F A/C £11,362

1999 - Junior Club set up (£1 Fee for under 15's). WILT Members Day held

            at SVR Highley with HE686 giving Brake Van Rides.                           B/F A/C £15,508

2000 - HE686 taken out of service for boiler repair.                                        B/F A/C £17,937

2001 - MW2047 Low Key 75th Anniversary Celebrations. Brake van Rides at

            SVR Kidderminster with GWR Pannier Tank No.7714.                        B/F A/C £26,183

2002 - Dining Car Special with HE686 from SVR Kidderminster to Highley.

            First visit abroad for 'Thomas' (HE686 to ZLSM in Holland).            B/F A/C £28,084

2003 - WILT 10th Anniversary Special from SVR Kidderminster to Bridgnorth

            with HE686. Joint WILT/WILPG working party on MW2047.             B/F A/C £33,859

2004 - WILT Members Day at SVR Highley with HE686 giving Brake Van Rides.

            Carl Jones appointed as WILT Trustee (first under 60).                     B/F A/C £37,061

2005 - Application made to Heritage Lottery Fund for a Grant of £151,000.

            First visit of 'Thomas' to Germany (Krefeld) in May.

            Agreement with WILPG for Loan of MW2047 to WILT.                       B/F A/C £41,066

2006 - Lottery Application turned down. Appeal made to Members to raise

            £50,000 in Donations (minimum needed £100,000).                         B/F A/C £44,892

2007 - WILPG 40th Anniversay Dinning Train. Discussions start about

            removing MW2047 from KRM. Delat due to floods on SVR.             B/F A/C £47,899

2008 - Method of removing MW2047 from KRM agreed (SVR P.Way Dept.

            to lay track at Musem and move obstructing wagons).                     B/F A/C £50,797

2009 - Lack of Progress with track laying (P.Way Dept. busy on SVR).

            HE686 withdrawn from service (boiler and other repairs required). 

            SVR now able to quote for a new boiler for MW2047.                        B/F A/C £52,557

2010 - HE686 Restored Cosmetically (as 'The Lady Armaghdale') and

            moved into The Engine House at SVR Highley in October. MW2047 moved

            by road from KRM to SVR Bridgnorth in November.                           B/F A/C £53,062

2011 - Deed of Grant finally Agreed and Signed by SVR & WILT.

            MW2047 Dismantled for assessing cost of overhaul. 

            Contract placed with Graham Morris to produce new boiler design

            and drawing for MW2047. Donation made to SVR for £10,000.      B/F A/C £60,000

2012 - Inaugural Meeting of SVR & Locomotive Owners at KRM (January).

            HE686 moved from TEH to NEC for 'BOB&NI' Tourist Exhibition (March)

            Design work and drawing completed for new MW2047 Boiler (June).

            Frames including cab & bunker stored outside but sheeted over. Saddletank

            placed on a well wagon (together with tank off GWR 813).             B/F A/C £80,000

2013 - Approval given for new MW2047 Boiler. Quote obtained from SVR

            for manufacture (£101,433). Old Boiler could go to KRM (not required

            by the Engine House). Alternative Boiler Quotes obtained from Chatham

            Steam (£73-78K) and Israel Newton (£61,390). Estimate of overhaul

            cost of MW2047 received from SVR (£184,306).                              B/F A/C £95,000

2014 - See WILT Website (www.wilt.jimdo.com) for further updates.